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Below are a few examples of project groups:

YOUmedia Records

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¥øUme∂ia Reçø(R)∂s is managed by high school students at YOUmedia Chicago, who are also musicians, lyricists, producers, engineers, poets and students who have interest in business marketing. Genre of musical projects range from HipHop to folk to poetry to jazz and beyond. Students create music through collaboration and use of YOUmedia's recording studio. Students are also free to use other musical hardware and software located throughout the space such as keyboards, turn tables, MPC 2500, Korg Electribe, NuMark iDJ, Fruity Loops and ProTools. ¥øUme∂ia Reçø(R)∂s creates an outlet for students to release their own music, poetry, and podcasts and participate in special projects while learning how to market themselves as independent artists.

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YOUlit Magazine

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YOUlit Magazine is created, edited, and contributed by teens, we are a magazine where teen writers and artists come together to promote both their work and topics relevent to teens. Our talents our pushed to the limit; giving credit where credit is due. This is a magazine where our art, whether it’s writing, photography, graphic designs or anything else, is our identity.

Lyricist Loft: Open Mic for Teens

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Lyricist Loft -Featuring Mr. Diversity

Lyricist Loft is an open mic for high school teens who are spoken word artists, singers, and emcees to perform their work in a space for and about public expression. YOUmedia's open mic is hosted by teens from the iRemix Spoken Word program and features select student and professional performers from across the city.

Lyricist Loft grew out of the teens’ desire to have their own performance area where they could showcase their work. The Harold Washington Library Center's YOUmedia space, already equipped with laptops, mics, and digital video and audio recording capabilities, was the perfect venue.

Since it began, Lyricist Loft has attracted scores of young people every Wednesday night for a weekly open-mic night session featuring original poetry, music, and video. Learn more about Lyricist Loft at MacArthur's Spotlight on Digital Media & Learning or on Vimeo.

Girl-illa Media

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Girl-illa Media is an opportunity for young women to experience media arts and digital technology within an active project environment that supports their development as authentic, self-defined women and future leaders in the digital realm. Project focus includes photography, creative writing, gaming, design, filmmaking, and community outreach.

Girl-illa Media is about girls having fun and feeling empowered to pursue any interest or aspiration they may have. We believe they are our future game developers, sound technicians, authors, designers, filmmakers, and creative innovators.

Library of Games

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Students harness their passion for video games by becoming game journalists and critics. Students write and maintain the Library of Games blog and produce the Library of Games podcast. By exploring a love of games, students focus not only on improving his/her gaming knowledge but also on enhancing writing, audio production, audio editing, and html web design skills.

The Change Society @ YOUmedia

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The Change Society is a youth-led, mentor-supported program that provides multiple spaces where youth can develop and exercise their technical and leadership skills, both individually and collectively, to reach, inform, engage, entertain, and inspire. The Change Society strives to maintain a diverse membership base, with a clearly defined vision and organizing strategy. The curriculum is project-driven and builds upon DYN’s base of cultural capital, new media awareness, and social agency.

The Change Society is about youth-created media, social networking, and connection (internal and external). By reaching out to the larger community, the Change Society seeks to have community residents, businesses, schools, and libraries working together to organize for improved conditions and opportunities for young people, the causes they wish to support, and the problems they seek to change in society.

Our goal is to provide and collaborate on projects for youth to think critically and engage actively in social and financial empowerment for themselves, their communities, and society as a whole, while using new media skills to create multiple roads to such expressions. At YOUmedia, Change Society uses the library as a central space to cultivate ideas, digital skills, and various resources. The library itself becomes the living symbol of knowledge, research, community outreach, and change.

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YouMedia at the Harold Washington Library - 400 S. State Street