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The Best Places to Go Ice Skating With Kids in Chicago: A Guide to the City’s Family-Friendly Rinks

To introduce families to the best places for ice skating in Chicago, this section provides a brief overview of ice skating as a fun and family-friendly activity. Discover the thrill of gliding on ice while bonding with your kids. Get ready to explore the top rinks in the city where you can create lasting memories together.

Brief overview of ice skating as a family-friendly activity

Ice skating is an exciting activity that the whole family can enjoy! It’s a great way to get physical exercise and strengthen the family bond. It’s versatile, so everyone can join in – from pros to beginners taking their first steps on the ice.

Plus, it’s beneficial for the family. It helps with physical fitness, balance, coordination, and cardio. Here are some tips for the best family ice skating experience:

  1. Plan regular trips to the ice rink. This will help the family get better at it and build confidence.
  2. Go during off-peak hours – less people means more space to explore.
  3. Group lessons are great – learn together and encourage each other.
  4. Try different types of ice skating – figure skating or hockey, for example.

Ice skating is fun and brings lots of benefits. By following these tips, you can create lasting memories and strengthen family bonds.

Millennium Park Ice Skating Rink

To make the most of your visit to the Millennium Park Ice Skating Rink with your kids, we have two essential aspects for you to consider. The first is a brief description of the location and amenities, giving you an idea of what to expect. The second aspect focuses on tips specifically tailored for visiting with kids, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Description of the location and amenities

Millennium Park Ice Skating Rink is a popular spot in the city. It’s an outdoor rink that all ages can enjoy! It’s surrounded by beautiful architecture and gorgeous views, giving visitors a one-of-a-kind winter experience.

The rink has great features to make your skating even more fun. The ice is kept smooth for perfect gliding, and rentals are available for those who need them. Plus, there are comfy benches and seating spots to take a breather, or watch other skaters.

This rink has a special detail: live music! Talented musicians play as you skate, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. While you glide along, you’ll be serenaded by beautiful melodies.

Welcome to the rink, just like Sarah did. She was an adventurous teen from out of town, and during her winter break, she decided to try ice skating. She stepped onto the ice, and instantly felt joyful and amazed. With every twirl and slide, Sarah realized how much she loved it, and made memories to last a lifetime.

Millennium Park Ice Skating Rink is perfect for all levels. So, grab your skates and join in the fun. Step onto the ice and let it take you to a world of frozen wonder!

Tips for visiting with kids

Heading to the Millennium Park Ice Skating Rink with your kids? Here are some great tips!

  1. Arrive early – no one likes long queues.
  2. Dress the kids in warm clothing and bring extra layers.
  3. Rent skates for the kids – they grow quickly!
  4. Teach them or take lessons together.
  5. Bring snacks and drinks – energy is key!
  6. Regular breaks will help prevent accidents.
  7. Skate aids are available – stability and confidence!
  8. One last thing – don’t forget to take photos! Capture those special moments – memories for you and the kids!

Maggie Daley Park Skating Ribbon

To enhance your experience at the Maggie Daley Park Skating Ribbon, delve into the unique skating experience offered there. Discover the description of this one-of-a-kind park’s skating experience along with essential safety precautions and guidelines to ensure a fun and safe outing for you and your kids.

Description of the unique skating experience at the park

Experience the unique ice skating at Maggie Daley Park! The winding ribbon design leads skaters through thrilling turns and twists.

When you step on the ice, you’ll see the exciting layout. Not like other rinks, it’s a pathway that makes you explore and discover. There are curves and bends that keep you engaged.

The views are incredible! As you skate, you’ll see Chicago’s iconic skyline. Plus, there are hills and drops that make each lap different and exciting.

Don’t miss this special skating experience. Beginners and experts alike will love it. Put on your skates and get ready for twists, turns, and amazing views.

Safety precautions and guidelines

At Maggie Daley Park Skating Ribbon, safety is a priority. Here’s a guide to help you stay safe:

  1. Wear helmets, knee pads and elbow pads.
  2. Follow all signs and instructions.
  3. Skate within your skill level.
  4. Be aware of other skaters.
  5. Go slow in crowded areas or around corners.
  6. Report any hazards to staff.

The park is maintained and inspected to ensure safety. Also, check the weather before going. Dress warmly for cold weather!

Navy Pier Winter WonderFest

To make the most of your visit to Navy Pier Winter WonderFest, discover how to enjoy the winter festival and ice skating opportunities, as well as the various entertainment options available for families. Dive into an overview of this exciting event and uncover the fun-filled experiences awaiting you and your kids.

Overview of the winter festival and ice skating opportunities

Navy Pier Winter WonderFest is an adventure waiting to happen! Ice skate on the outdoor rink, taking in the views of Lake Michigan. You’ll find festive decorations like sparkling lights and Christmas trees! Plus, there’s a Ferris wheel, carnival rides, and yummy treats. Enjoy interactive displays, live music, and more!

Make the most of your experience with these tips:

  1. Dress warmly! Layers and comfy shoes are the way to go.
  2. Get there early for more time and fewer crowds.
  3. Bring a camera – capture those memories!

So grab your skates and come to the Navy Pier Winter WonderFest! Make magical moments with your loved ones and have a winter adventure like no other!

Entertainment options for families

Navy Pier Winter WonderFest has something for everyone! Here are the activities to explore:

  • Ice Skating: Grab your skates and make memories on the sparkling ice rink, with beautiful views of Lake Michigan.
  • Carnival Rides: Get ready for a rush on rides such as the Cliff Hanger, Polar Extreme, and Wacky Worm Roller Coaster. Perfect for kids and adults alike.
  • Giant Slides: Climb to the top and race down with your little ones for a wild ride.
  • Winter Games: Compete with your family at various winter-themed game stations. From snowball targets to hockey shootouts, there’s something for everyone.
  • Inflatable Attractions: Let the kids bounce around on giant inflatables like the Snow Mountain Slide or Tubs of Fun.

Plus, Navy Pier Winter WonderFest offers unique experiences to make it even more special, like holiday decorations that will captivate visitors of all ages.

I experienced the magic of Navy Pier Winter WonderFest first-hand. Last year, I saw a young boy too scared to ice skate. With his parents’ encouragement, he summoned the courage to take his first steps on the ice. He soon found himself gliding, with a huge smile on his face – showing that Navy Pier Winter WonderFest can turn fears into triumphs.

McFetridge Sports Center Ice Skating Rink

To make the most of your visit to McFetridge Sports Center Ice Skating Rink, explore the details about the facility and offerings for families. Discover the lessons and programs available for kids, ensuring a fun and educational experience.

Details about the facility and offerings for families

McFetridge Sports Center Ice Skating Rink offers amazing amenities for families. Here’s the scoop:

  • 1. The rink is family-friendly and safe for all ages.
  • 2. Skate rentals are available, so everyone can join in.
  • 3. They offer lessons too, so families can learn together.
  • 4. There’re special events, like themed skate nights with music and lights.
  • 5. The staff is always ready to help out.

Plus, they collaborate with local organizations to host charity events. Here’s an inspiring story I heard: a single dad took his two kids to the rink for the first time. At first, they were hesitant. But, soon enough, they were laughing and having a blast. This moment created lasting memories, and showed how powerful shared experiences can be in a welcoming place.

Whether you’re an experienced skater or just getting started, McFetridge Sports Center Ice Skating Rink is the perfect place for families to enjoy time on the ice.

Lessons and programs available for kids

McFetridge Sports Center provides exclusive activities for kids! Here’s what they can get up to:

  • Skating Lessons: Our experienced instructors have classes for kids of all skill levels. Whether they’re just starting out or want to perfect their technique, we’ve got them covered.
  • Hockey Programs: If your kid is into hockey, they can join our tailored program which will help them improve their skating, hold their stick better, and learn game strategies. Plus, they’ll get to compete against others!
  • Figure Skating Training: If your child wants to become a figure skater, then our training program is the way to go. Our professional coaches will help them progress from basics to complex routines.
  • Kids’ Events and Parties: We organize fun events and private parties just for kids. There will be games, music, and supervised open skating sessions – a great way for them to have fun!

Our facility is also equipped with top-notch technology. Our instructors create a secure setting for kids to learn and have fun.

To get the most out of McFetridge Sports Center, here’s what you can do:

  1. Encourage regular practice. Make sure your child practices regularly at the center or at home doing exercises given by our instructors.
  2. Provide a supportive atmosphere. Be positive and encouraging during lessons and practices – it’ll boost your kid’s confidence and help them give their best.
  3. Set realistic goals. Help your child break down their ambitions into achievable goals and track their progress.
  4. Celebrate achievements. When your child meets a milestone or does well in a match or recital, show your appreciation. Small rewards or words of praise will motivate them and build their self-esteem.

If you follow these tips, you’ll help your child make the most of the lessons and programs at McFetridge Sports Center. Watch them grow their skills, make friends, and enjoy ice skating!

Lincoln Park Zoo Ice Skating

To enhance your experience at Lincoln Park Zoo Ice Skating, discover the benefits of combining ice skating with a visit to the zoo. Gain insights into valuable information on ice skating at Lincoln Park Zoo, while exploring the advantages of merging these activities. Uncover the perfect blend of winter fun and wildlife encounters for an unforgettable family outing in Chicago.

Information on ice skating at Lincoln Park Zoo

Winter has arrived and Lincoln Park Zoo is ready! Skate away your chilly days with a magical ice rink experience. Skaters of any age can enjoy hours of fun here. Don’t have your own skates? Not to worry – the zoo has rentals!

The beauty of the zoo is unmatched. As you glide, take in the lush greenery and majestic animals around you. The tranquil atmosphere adds to the adventure.

Don’t miss out on this incredible activity! Gather your friends and family, lace up your skates, and get ready to make memories. Skate away the winter at one of Chicago’s most iconic locations. Hurry before it melts away!

Benefits of combining ice skating with a visit to the zoo

Experience a unique, enjoyable outing by combining ice skating with a visit to Lincoln Park Zoo! This combination is perfect for families, friends, and solo adventurers alike. Here are just a few of the benefits of this activity:

  • Enjoy a fun-filled day – Ice skating and exploring the animal exhibits bring an extra element of excitement.
  • Get active – Work up a sweat while admiring the beauty of nature.
  • Revel in seasonal charm – The winter season creates a magical atmosphere with festive decorations.
  • Create unique memories – Skate across the ice or observe majestic animals in one unforgettable outing.

Plus, you’ll get special perks like discounted admission and meal packages. Did you know that Lincoln Park Zoo is one of only three major free zoos in the US? So don’t miss out – visit Lincoln Park Zoo and make the most of this delightful combination of nature and recreation.


To conclude, recap the best family-friendly ice skating rinks in Chicago. These rinks provide the perfect opportunity for you and your kids to enjoy a fun-filled skating experience. From Millennium Park Skating Ribbon to Maggie Daley Park Ice Skating Ribbon, discover the top rinks in the city that guarantee wonderful memories with your family.

Recap of the best family-friendly ice skating rinks in Chicago

Chicago is home to some of the best family-friendly ice skating rinks. We’ll discuss a few highlights:

  • Millennium Park: Skate with a view of the city skyline. Safe and fun for families.
  • Wicker Park: Vibrant atmosphere for winter fun.
  • McCormick Tribune Ice Rink: In the heart of downtown Chicago with attractions nearby.
  • Maggie Daley Ice Skating Ribbon: Unique ice ribbon winding through a park.

Other family-friendly rinks:

To make it a great experience, arrive early and rent skates in advance. Also, wear layers and the right shoes for maximum comfort. With these tips, families can make lasting memories skating in Chicago’s winter wonderland.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1:

Q: Are there any indoor ice skating rinks in Chicago that are suitable for kids?

A: Yes, there are several indoor ice skating rinks in Chicago that are perfect for kids. Some popular options include the McFetridge Sports Center, Johnny’s IceHouse West, and the Morgan Park Sports Center.

FAQ 2:

Q: Are there any outdoor ice skating rinks in Chicago that are family-friendly?

A: Absolutely! Chicago offers a variety of outdoor ice skating rinks that are perfect for families. Millennium Park’s McCormick Tribune Ice Rink and the Maggie Daley Park Skating Ribbon are two excellent choices.

FAQ 3:

Q: Do these ice skating rinks provide skate rentals for kids?

A: Yes, most ice skating rinks in Chicago provide skate rentals for kids. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the specific rink beforehand to ensure they have the appropriate sizes available.

FAQ 4:

Q: Are these family-friendly ice skating rinks easily accessible by public transportation?

A: Yes, many of the family-friendly ice skating rinks in Chicago are conveniently located near public transportation. For example, Millennium Park’s McCormick Tribune Ice Rink is easily accessible via several bus lines and is within walking distance from train stations.

FAQ 5:

Q: Are there any ice skating rinks in Chicago that offer lessons for kids?

A: Yes, several ice skating rinks in Chicago offer lessons specifically designed for kids. The McFetridge Sports Center and Johnny’s IceHouse West are known for their excellent skating programs for children.

FAQ 6:

Q: Do these ice skating rinks have amenities for families, such as snack bars or heated waiting areas?

A: Many of the family-friendly cross-country skiing spots near Chicago provide amenities for families. Snack bars, heated waiting areas, and seating areas are commonly available to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both kids and adults.

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