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The Best Places to Go Apple Picking With Kids Near Chicago: A Guide to the Region’s Family-Friendly Orchards

Chicago, known as the “Windy City,” is the perfect place for a family apple-picking excursion. Just a short drive away from downtown lies many orchards where kids can bond with their families and explore nature. These orchards provide a unique learning experience – they offer guided tours to teach kids about different apple varieties, how they are grown, and the importance of sustainable farming.

When planning an apple-picking trip, consider accessibility and convenience. Choose orchards that are easily reachable by car or public transportation. Look for ones with amenities such as clean restrooms, picnic areas, and play spaces for kids.

Maximize your experience with a picnic lunch or snacks to enjoy outdoors. Pack blankets or portable chairs for added comfort. This way, both parents and children can make lasting memories!

Benefits of apple picking with kids

Apple picking with kids is a fun and rewarding experience. It’s great for families to bond together and for children to learn about nature. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Physical activity: Walking, reaching, and carrying baskets helps develop gross motor skills and keeps kids healthy.
  • Sensory development: The colors, scent, and texture of apples engage kids’ senses.
  • Learning about the environment: Kids see how trees, plants, and insects work together to create tasty fruit.
  • Healthy eating habits: Kids gain an appreciation for fresh produce and may eat healthier.
  • Patience and responsibility: Kids learn the value of waiting and select ripe fruits without damaging others.

Moreover, apple picking offers unique experiences. Kids can explore different types and taste apples straight from the tree. They can enjoy wagon rides, corn mazes, or petting zoos too.

Experts say apple picking is a great family-friendly activity. According to the “American Academy of Pediatrics,” outdoor activities help promote healthy child development.

So, grab those baskets and head to the nearest apple orchard for a great time with your kids!

Overview of apple orchards near Chicago

Amidst Chicago’s hustle and bustle are apple orchards – a delightful escape into nature. These orchards offer an opportunity to pick fresh apples and also fun activities for the family. With picturesque landscapes and abundant apple trees, these orchards make for a perfect day out with your little ones.

Venture out to explore these orchards and you’ll be met with a variety of choices. Each one has its own charm and character, making it easier to find one that fits your preferences. From expansive farms with hayrides and petting zoos to quaint, small orchards focusing solely on apple picking, there’s something for everyone here.

Royal Oak Farm Orchard in Harvard is a great option. It features over 20 varieties of apples and activities like wagon rides and apple cannons. Jonamac Orchard in Malta is another great choice – it has apple picking, a bakery, cider mill, and even a corn maze.

Pro Tip: Check websites or call ahead before planning your visit to ensure availability and safety guidelines/restrictions at each orchard.

Tips for a successful apple-picking trip

Head to Chicago for a memorable family apple-picking trip! Here’s how to make sure it’s enjoyable and fruitful:

  • Time it right: Go in late summer/early fall when apples are at their yummiest!
  • Forecast check: Make sure the weather won’t ruin your fun.
  • Be prepared: Wear comfy clothes and shoes. Sunscreen, hats, bug spray? Check!
  • Bring containers: Ask if you can bring your own bags or baskets.
  • Follow directions: Listen to any rules or guidelines from orchard staff.
  • Enjoy extras: Some orchards have extra activities like corn mazes or hay rides.

Remember, apple-picking is not just about apples! It’s quality time and a chance to learn about food sources. Plus, research orchards beforehand to find the perfect one for your family. Have fun!


Discover the top places close to Chicago to have a fun-filled day with your kids apple picking. These family-friendly orchards offer a chance for your little ones to explore nature, learn about agriculture, and make unforgettable memories.

Plus, there are some unique features not discussed yet. For instance, Apple Holler in Sturtevant provides plenty of activities like barnyard animals and a corn maze. Royal Oak Farm Orchard in Harvard has apple tree mazes and pumpkin picking. These added attractions will make your apple-picking journey more thrilling.

Let me tell you a true story that shows the happiness apple picking with kids brings. A family from Chicago visited Jonamac Orchard in Malta. They were welcomed with lots of apple trees with ripe fruit. The kids joyfully picked apples and enjoyed their time together. They went home with full bags of apples and full hearts of wonderful memories.

So, grab your baskets and go to one of these great orchards close to Chicago for an enjoyable day of apple picking with your kids. The combination of fresh air, beautiful scenery, and the delicious taste of freshly-picked apples will create a remarkable experience your family will remember for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which orchards near Chicago offer apple picking activities for kids?

Many orchards near Chicago offer apple picking activities for kids. Some popular options include County Line Orchard, All Seasons Orchard, and Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm.

2. When is the best time to go apple picking with kids near Chicago?

The best time to go apple picking with kids near Chicago is typically in the fall, specifically during September and October. This is when the apples are ripe and ready for picking.

3. Are there any additional activities for kids at these orchards?

Yes, most of the orchards near Chicago that offer apple picking also have additional activities for kids. These can include corn mazes, pumpkin patches, petting zoos, hayrides, and more.

4. Can we bring our own bags or baskets for apple picking?

It depends on the orchard’s policy. Some orchards may provide bags or baskets for apple picking, while others may allow you to bring your own. It’s best to check with the specific orchard beforehand.

5. Are the orchards near Chicago wheelchair accessible?

Accessibility varies among orchards near Chicago. Some may have wheelchair accessible paths and facilities, while others may have limited accessibility. It’s recommended to inquire about accessibility options before visiting.

6. Do we need to make a reservation for apple picking with kids?

Reservations are typically not required for apple picking with kids near Chicago. However, it’s advisable to check the orchard’s website or contact them in advance, especially on weekends or during peak times, to ensure availability and avoid any potential overcrowding.

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