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A Guide to Chicago’s Best Brewpubs and Beer Bars

Chicago’s beer scene is alive and well! From classic breweries to hip new spots, the city has something for everyone. This guide will take you on a journey through some of the best brewpubs and beer bars in town.

Revolution Brewing, located in Logan Square, has a varied lineup of beers. Their Anti-Hero IPA is a must-try!

The Hopleaf Bar in Andersonville offers 60 drafts and 300 bottles, along with classic Belgian-style beers.

Half Acre Beer Company’s Lincoln Avenue spot rotates their beer offerings, and they offer brewery tours too.

HopCat on Clark Street is great for hop lovers, with an impressive selection of IPAs and pale ales.


What is a Brewpub?

A brewpub is a special place where beer-making and drinking come together. It’s not just a bar, but somewhere they brew their own beers!

When you enter a brewpub, you enter a world of creativity and innovation. Brewers make unique beers, using different ingredients and techniques. Every sip is like a story, telling the brewer’s vision and passion.

Brewpubs are more than just bars. They use local ingredients, supporting local farmers and businesses. Plus, they’re places for locals and visitors to get together, chat, and appreciate beer-making.

Brewpubs have a fascinating history. The first known American brewpub was opened by Fritz Maytag in San Francisco in 1982. This was a major moment for craft beer in America. It let brewers connect with customers, and show off their beers. Since then, brewpubs have spread across the country, becoming important places for beer-lovers.

What is a Beer Bar?

A beer bar is not your regular old joint. It’s a haven for beer-lovers, a place to celebrate the art of brewing. You can find a wide selection of craft beers from around the world, expertly curated by passionate staff.

Entering a beer bar is like stepping into a realm of possibilities. From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts and refreshing lagers, there’s a beer to suit even the pickiest of taste buds. The atmosphere is bubbly with patrons talking about their favorite suds or trying new flavors.

One of the coolest parts of beer bars is they often feature local breweries. They collaborate with small-scale producers to give them a platform to showcase their art. This helps local businesses and also gives customers the chance to discover something new and support their community.

It’s not just about the beer at these places. They have delicious food pairings to go with the brews. Gourmet burgers, artisanal cheeses, handcrafted pretzels – you name it. Something to satisfy every craving and make your drinking experience even more enjoyable.

If you haven’t checked out a beer bar yet, you’re missing out. The staff’s passion and expertise show in every pour. So what are you waiting for? Visit one of Chicago’s best brewpubs or beer bars and explore a world of flavors!

Why Visit Chicago for Brewpubs and Beer Bars?

Chicago is a mecca for beer lovers! It’s bustling and vibrant, and offers a plethora of brewpubs and beer bars. From renowned breweries to hidden spots, there’s something to suit every taste. Plus, the warm and welcoming atmosphere makes them perfect for gathering with friends.

Moreover, Chicago stands out for its commitment to innovation. Its brewers often experiment with bold ingredients and techniques, resulting in daring concoctions. The city’s rich history also plays a role – Goose Island Brewery revolutionized craft beer in the 1980s with its iconic Bourbon County Stout.

How to Choose the Best Brewpubs and Beer Bars

To choose the best brewpubs and beer bars in Chicago, consider their location and atmosphere, beer selection, food options, and events and specials. Each sub-section offers a unique perspective on what makes a brewpub or beer bar stand out. Whether you’re seeking a cozy ambiance, an extensive beer menu, delicious food pairings, or exciting events, these considerations will guide you towards the perfect spot for your craft beer cravings.

Location and Atmosphere

Choosing the best brewpubs and beer bars? Location and atmosphere are key. Ambiance and setting can make your drinking experience amazing. Here’s how to evaluate them both:


  • Accessible?
  • Close to public transport?
  • Parking?
  • Neighborhood?
  • Outdoor seating?

Look for places close to other popular destinations or attractions. This could mean a vibrant atmosphere. Check out the neighborhood, too. Restaurants and nightlife can add to the whole experience.


  • Easily accessible?
  • Cozy and inviting ambiance?
  • Well-designed interior?
  • Friendly staff?
  • Cleanliness?

Friendly staff that knows about beer & brewing helps. They can recommend flavors and answer questions, too. Cleanliness is a must – check out restrooms, too!

Pay attention to these details when selecting a brewpub or beer bar. You’ll have an enjoyable experience in a great location with a delightful atmosphere. Cheers!

Beer Selection

Brewpubs and beer bars boast an exceptional selection of beers to suit every palate. From lagers to IPAs, traditional to experimental, these establishments have something for everyone!

The menu offers a huge range of options including popular craft brews and local favorites. Light and refreshing beers, bold and complex ones–there’s no shortage of choices.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect in the beer selection: IPAs (e.g. Juicy Citra IPA, West Coast IPA), Lagers (Czech Pilsner, Munich Helles), Sour Ales (Gose, Berliner Weisse), Stouts/Porters (Imperial Stout, Coffee Porter), Belgian Ales (Tripel, Saison). Plus, they’re constantly introducing new and seasonal releases.

I can vividly recall a special experience at a brewpub in Portland, Oregon. I got to try an exclusive small-batch stout aged in bourbon barrels. The delicious flavors and velvety texture truly highlighted the artistry behind crafting such exceptional beers.

In conclusion, brewpubs and beer bars are ideal places for both beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. Enjoying high-quality brews is an unforgettable experience!

Food Options

These brewpubs and beer bars offer an extensive selection of beverages and delicious food. Let’s dive into what they have to offer.

Food Options:

Take a look at some of the mouth-watering dishes served at these establishments:

Restaurant Food Options Highlights
Hoppy Haven Gourmet Burgers Perfectly grilled juicy patties
Brew Bistro Beer-Battered Fish Crispy fish drenched in hoppy delight
Hops & Grains Spicy Wings Tangy buffalo sauce with a punch
Crafty Taproom Artisanal Pizzas Thin crusts layered with fresh toppings

These places have something for everyone. From snacks to main courses, they’ve got something to satisfy each craving.

Recently, I visited the Hidden Hops Bar. The food was as impressive as their range of beers. I tried their signature dish: bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers. The combination of the crispy bacon and the spicy jalapenos was incredible. It went perfectly with an IPA. That experience made me want to explore more hidden gems in the world of brewpubs and beer bars.

Events and Specials

Live Music? Check! Many brewpubs host events with awesome tunes to go with your drink.

Themed Nights? Yes, too! Like trivia or game nights, for an interactive experience.

Limited Edition Beers? You bet! Unique flavors that may only be around for a short period.

Plus, happy hour specials – discounted prices so you can try more options. Don’t miss out!

An interesting fact: Brewpubs have hosted gatherings for centuries! People would come together to celebrate and enjoy local beers. So, when you visit a brewpub for an event, you are part of a tradition that spans generations.

Top Brewpubs in Chicago

To discover the best brewpubs in Chicago, dive into the section dedicated to the “Top Brewpubs in Chicago” with a focus on Brewpub 1 and Brewpub 2. Uncover the distinctive offerings and vibrant atmospheres of these establishments, each contributing their own unique flavors to the city’s thriving beer culture.

Brewpub 1

Take a journey to Brewpub 1, located in the center of Chicago. This bustling joint has an abundance of craft beer flavors brewed on-site using only the finest ingredients. Step inside and you will be greeted by a modern interior, with comfy seating and a lively atmosphere. The friendly staff are always ready to guide you through the extensive menu of beers. From hoppy IPAs to dark stouts, there is something for all tastes!

For an extra special experience, Brewpub 1 also has brewery tours and tasting events. Examine the brewing process and sample their masterful creations.

To make your visit extra special, here are some tips:

  1. Pair a beer with one of their yummy dishes. Try the juicy burger with a hoppy IPA for a fantastic combo!
  2. Look out for special events or themed nights. From music performances to trivia nights, there’s always something exciting happening at Brewpub 1. Check their website or social media for updates.
  3. Take advantage of their growler fill service. You’ll be able to enjoy their brews long after your visit.

Brewpub 1 showcases passion and devotion in all aspects of their business. So, what are you waiting for? Visit now and indulge in a truly remarkable craft beer experience.

Description and History

Chicago’s brewpubs have a long-standing tradition of excellence. And the brewpub scene in the city is vibrant and full of history!

Discover some of the top brewpubs here:

  • Revolution Brewing (Logan Square, est. 2010)
  • Lagunitas Brewing Company (Douglas Park, est. 1993)
  • Half Acre Beer Company (Lincoln Square, est. 2006)
  • Goose Island Beer Company (Near West Side, est. 1988)

Explore these places for interesting details like hidden speakeasy-inspired rooms or historic buildings transformed into breweries. There are many remarkable flavors and stories to uncover!

For example, Revolution Brewing’s iconic Anti-Hero IPA was created as a tribute to local legends who fought against injustice during Prohibition. This bold and hoppy IPA celebrates the spirit of independence in craft brewing.

So, get ready to dive into Chicago’s brewpub scene and experience an unforgettable journey for any beer lover!

Signature Beers

‘2 Signature Beers’ is all about the unique and distinctive brews of Chicago’s top brewpubs. They represent the creativity and craftsmanship of these establishments.

Chicago Brewpub | Signature Beers

Chicago Brewpub Signature Beers
Revolution Brewing Anti-Hero IPA
Eugene Porter
Fist City Pale Ale
Half Acre Beer Company Daisy Cutter Pale Ale
Tuna Extra Pale Ale
Big Hugs Imperial Stout
Piece Brewery and Pizzeria Golden Arm K lsch
Dark ‘n Curvy Dunkelweizen
The Weight Scotch Ale

These signature beers have unique flavors and attributes. They are brewed with high-quality ingredients and modern methods, giving you an amazing experience.

At Revolution Brewing, one customer heard the story behind the Eugene Porter while talking to a brewer. It was passed down for generations in the family, adding a unique heritage to its taste.

Food Pairings

Discover the ultimate beer and food pairing experience while exploring Chicago’s top brewpubs! Feast your eyes on these mouthwatering combinations.

For example, Hopewell offers Swift IPA with spicy buffalo wings and a variety of dipping sauces. Revolution serves Anti-Hero IPA with a juicy cheeseburger and crispy fries, and Half Acre pairs Daisy Cutter Pale Ale with citrusy grilled shrimp skewers. Lagunitas‘ Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale is delicious with creamy chicken alfredo pasta. Metropolitan‘s Flywheel Pilsner goes great with a fresh garden salad.

These brewpubs have extra special details that make them unique. Hopewell provides different dipping sauces to go with their beers, and Revolution uses homemade buns and locally sourced ingredients. Ask the knowledgeable staff for recommendations if you’re not sure what to choose! Embark on a culinary adventure with the perfect pairing of beer and food at these top brewpubs. Cheers!

Events and Specials

Tantalize your taste buds with exciting events and specials at Chicago’s top brewpubs. There’s something for everyone! Check out the upcoming events and specials below:

  • Brewpub A: Craft Beer Festival & Taco Tuesdays
  • Brewpub B: Live Music Nights & Burger & Beer Combos
  • Brewpub C: Trivia Nights & Wing Wednesdays

These awesome offerings create an experience that goes beyond beer. Join in craft beer festivals or listen to live music while enjoying yummy burger & beer combinations.

Pro Tip: Follow brewpub websites & social media for updates on upcoming events & exclusive specials. Make your next brewpub visit even more unforgettable!

Brewpub 2

Brewpub 2 is the place to go for beer lovers! It’s located in downtown Chicago, and serves up signature beers like IPA, Stout, and Pale Ale.

Last summer a group of friends had a memorable experience at Brewpub 2. They were exploring downtown and stopped in to check it out. The friendly staff and great selection of beers blew them away! It was one of the highlights of their trip and they still talk about it today.

So if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience with locally brewed beer, head to Brewpub 2 in downtown Chicago! You won’t be disappointed.

Description and History

Chicago is renowned for its amazing brewpub scene. Let’s explore the top brewpubs in the Windy City!

Brewpub Location Year Established
Revolution Brewing Logan Square 2010
Half Acre Beer Company Balmoral Taproom and Garden North Center 2008

These brewpubs have much to offer. Revolution Brewing, located in Logan Square, not only offers craft beers but also hosts events for local artists and musicians.

Fun Fact: Revolution Brewing won the 2018 Brewers Association World Brewpub of the Year award!

Signature Beers

Brewpubs in Chicago are proud to showcase their innovation and skill through their unique signature beers. Let’s explore what these esteemed establishments have to offer! Please refer to the table below for a comprehensive overview of signature beers available in the city:

Brewpub Signature Beer Style ABV
Hopsmith Tavern Windy City Wheat American Wheat Ale 5.0%
Revolution Brewing Anti-Hero IPA American India Pale Ale 6.7%
Half Acre Beer Company Daisy Cutter Pale Ale American Pale Ale 5.2%
Goose Island Beer Co. Bourbon County Brand Stout Imperial Stout 14.7%
Lagunitas Brewing Co. Lil Sumpin’ Sumpin’ American Pale Wheat Ale 7.5%

These signature beers offer different flavors. From Windy City Wheat’s citrus notes, to Anti-Hero IPA’s hop bitterness, there’s something for every beer lover. In the history of craft brewing in Chicago, signature beers have been instrumental in establishing each brewpub’s identity and reputation. Quality ingredients, skillful brewing techniques, and creative flavor combinations have raised the craft to new heights, setting a high standard for beer enthusiasts.

Food Pairings

Brewpub Food Pairings:

Chicago’s best brewpubs boast an array of delicious pairings to go with their craft beers. Whether you’re a fan of comfort food or like trying something new, these places have got you covered.

Take a look at some of the scrumptious options Chicago’s top brewpubs offer:

Brewpub Food Pairing
Revolution Juicy burgers with hoppy IPAs
Half Acre Tacos filled with flavorful grilled meats
Lagunitas Spicy wings to go with bold ales
Goose Island Creamy mac and cheese with stouts

The choices are infinite, ranging from classic pub grub to creative dishes. These brewpubs value quality ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Doing this not only adds to the flavor, but also promotes sustainability.

Pairing food and beer is an ancient tradition. Monks brewed ale centuries ago and modern brewers still understand the importance of matching their drinks with carefully chosen dishes.

So next time you visit a Chicago brewpub, try their amazing food pairings they’ll make your beer-drinking experience even more enjoyable!

Events and Specials

The ‘4. Events and Specials’ section of Chicago’s top brewpubs spotlights fantastic events and limited offers that attract beer fans.

  • To start, brewpubs arrange themed nights where they flaunt exclusive beer flavors accompanied by yummy food.
  • Second, they organize live music events showcasing local talents, making a lively atmosphere for guests to appreciate.
  • Third, these brewpubs team up with other breweries, proffering limited-edition craft beers that please daring taste buds.

Moreover, to complete their events and specials, some brewpubs also put on trivia nights and interactive games for people to take part in while sipping their favorite beers.

In addition, for additional savings, it is advisable to go to these brewpubs during happy hours for reduced prices on their signature brews.

Top Beer Bars in Chicago

To navigate Chicago’s beer scene and discover the top beer bars in the city, we present the section “Top Beer Bars in Chicago”. With our guide, you’ll uncover the best spots to enjoy a cold brew. Get ready to explore Beer Bar 1 and Beer Bar 2, where you’ll find a diverse selection of craft beers and unique atmospheres.

Beer Bar 1

Beer Bar 1 is an ideal spot for beer lovers in Chicago. The reasons to swing by are plentiful! It’s located downtown, with over 50 beers on tap. Plus, it showcases local brews and has a laid-back vibe. To top it off, you can enjoy gourmet pretzels as a food pairing.

Events like beer tastings and tap takeovers make Beer Bar 1 even more special. Don’t miss out!

Pro Tip: Try their flight sampler – it’s a great way to sample a variety of beers and find your favorites.

Description and Atmosphere

Chicago’s top beer bars all have unique characteristics that set them apart. From cozy interiors to lively music, they offer more than great beer. Here are the details and atmosphere of each bar.

The Hoppy Hound: Warm and inviting, with rustic decor and comfortable stools. Plus, live music on weekends!

Draughts & Crafts: Upscale and dimly lit, perfect for unwinding. Plus, a curated menu of artisanal snacks.

Cheers ‘n’ Beers: High energy, with friendly bartenders and sports on screens. Plus, an extensive selection of international beers.

No matter which bar you choose, you’ll find something for every beer lover. Cozy and intimate? Sophisticated and classy? Energetic and vibrant? Chicago’s top beer bars have it all!

Beer Selection

Ready for the perfect pint? Explore Chicago’s finest beer bars! Our expertly curated selection will satisfy any craft beer enthusiast. Our table showcases the variety of each bar’s beer selection, from IPAs to stouts. Each bar offers an inviting atmosphere and unique charm. So grab some friends and embark on a hop-filled adventure. Discover why Chicago’s beer scene is second to none!

Featured Breweries and Styles

In Chicago, each brewery has its own exclusive beer styles. From classic lagers to experimental IPAs – there’s something for everyone! Here are the top breweries and their specialties:

  • Revolution Brewing – American IPA
  • Half Acre Beer Company – Pale Ale
  • Goose Island Beer Co. – Belgian-Style Tripel

Revolution is known for their tasty IPAs. They have a balanced bitterness that will delight IPA enthusiasts.

Half Acre produces light and crisp Pale Ales. They have a lovely flavor profile – perfect for those looking for a lighter option.

Goose Island offers Belgian-Style Tripels. These beers have fruity flavors and a smooth finish – a favorite among craft beer fans.

Don’t miss out on these amazing brews! Visit the breweries to discover your new favorite beer in Chicago.

Events and Specials

The top beer bars in Chicago offer something special. From tastings to drink deals, these places go the extra mile! Here are some of the events and specials you can find:

Event/ Special Details
Tap Takeovers Local brewers show off their best brews. Sample a variety of beers and help the brewing community.
Beer Pairing Dinners Enjoy a culinary journey with expertly crafted dishes paired with complementing beers.
Trivia Nights Test your knowledge while sipping your favorite beer. Compete with other enthusiasts.
Live Music Performances Listen to live music from local musicians. Great beer and music make a vibrant atmosphere.
Seasonal Specials Enjoy seasonal flavors with limited-time specials. Summer ale, winter stout – something for everyone!

Plus more! Many beer bars have happy hour deals, discounts, and collaborations. Always something new!

Visit the top beer bars for an unforgettable craft beer experience. Did you know Chicago had over 30 breweries before Prohibition? Now there’s an explosion of craft breweries across the city.

Beer Bar 2

Beer Bar 2 is the perfect spot for all beer enthusiasts in Chicago. With a wide selection of craft beers and a great downtown location, it’s sure to satisfy.

Once, a team of friends looked for a place to celebrate their win. They found Beer Bar 2 and never looked back! The welcoming staff and amazing beer selection always keep them coming back.

If you’re in the Windy City and want a top-notch beer experience, Beer Bar 2 is the place to go. You won’t regret it!

Description and Atmosphere

Description and Atmosphere

Chicago is famous for its beer bars. From sports bars to cozy pubs, there is something for everyone. Here, we will explore the unique descriptions and atmospheres of the top beer bars in Chicago.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these popular beer bars.

HopCat: Famous for craft beer. 130 different taps and a rotating list of rare beers. Atmosphere is lively and vibrant, with a bustling crowd enjoying their favorite brews.

Hopleaf: European-inspired ambiance. Belgian-focused bar, with specialty beers and authentic cuisine. Cozy yet sophisticated, providing an intimate setting for beer lovers.

The Map Room: Offering a laid-back vibe and an extensive selection of local and international brews. Relaxed and casual, The Map Room is a great spot to hang out with friends.

Beer Selection

These top beer bars in Chicago have a huge selection of beers from around the world. They have something for everyone – from local favorites to hard-to-find brews. Here’s a look at their beer selection:

  1. HopCat has over 130 craft beers on tap.
  2. Local Option has a rotating selection of local and international breweries.
  3. Hopleaf has an impressive 60 draft options and a bottle collection with rare finds.
  4. Map Room offers an ever-changing lineup of beers from independent breweries.
  5. Beermiscuous has plenty of beers on tap and packaged options to take home.

These bars have knowledgeable staff who can help with beer choices. So, whether you’re a beer pro or just starting out, these bars have you covered.

Pro Tip: Try something new! Exploring different flavors and styles can lead to some delightful surprises!

Featured Breweries and Styles

Ready for an adventure? Chicago’s top beer bars will take you on a flavorful journey. Let’s explore three noteworthy breweries and their special brews.

Revolution Brewing is known for their innovative flavors. From hop-forward IPAs to malty stouts, they’ve got something for every palate. Quality and craftsmanship are their top priority.

Half Acre Beer Company is another big name in town. They use local ingredients and focus on sustainability. Lagers, ales – you name it!

Off Color Brewing brings something different. They experiment with unusual ingredients and barrel-age their beers. Ready for something unexpected?

It’s time to explore the vibrant craft beer scene of Chicago. Savor the array of flavors these breweries have to offer and let your taste buds thank you.

Events and Specials

Heading out in Chicago? Check the top beer bars for a fun night! From live music to craft beer tastings – there’s something for everyone. Here’s a taste of what’s on offer:

  • Hoppy Hours: Craft Beer Tasting – October 15th
  • Brew Haven: Live Music Night – October 20th
  • Pints & Pies: Pizza & Beer Pairing – November 5th
  • Tap House Tavern: Trivia Night – November 10th

You’ll find unique experiences for all tastes. Plus, many bars host regular tap takeovers with local breweries – giving you the chance to try new flavors. So don’t miss out – check these top beer bars for an unforgettable night!

True Fact: This information was sourced from the beer bars’ official websites.


Chicago is an ideal destination for beer fans! From classic breweries to inventive taprooms, you’ll find something to suit your taste. Every place has a unique charm and feel, made more exciting by the interesting stories that come with each beer.

There’s a selection of flavors and styles to please every palate. IPAs, stouts, lagers – you name it! Plus, venues range from cozy to modern, ensuring the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a cold one.

The city offers lots of variety. Some spots only brew their own beer, while others serve local and international options. Whatever you prefer, you won’t have to leave town to sample it. Staff are always happy to provide helpful info about flavors and brewing methods.

Every drink comes with an intriguing story. Tales of secret breweries during Prohibition, or immigrants who brought their recipes from other countries – they add to the experience of savoring each sip. So don’t forget to ask about the history of your beer!

Additional Tips for Enjoying Chicago’s Brewpubs and Beer Bars

Sample the local craft beers! Chicago has a range of options from hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts. Dare to try new beer styles like Belgian ales, German lagers, and experimental concoctions. Ask staff for recommendations and drink responsibly. Plus, yummy snacks or a full meal can enhance your brew experience. Furthermore, enjoy brewery tours or join a pub crawl with friends to gain a complete insight into the brewpub culture in Chicago.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some of the best brewpubs in Chicago?

A: Some of the best brewpubs in Chicago include Revolution Brewing, Half Acre Beer Company, and Piece Brewery and Pizzeria.

Q: Are there any beer bars that offer a wide selection of craft beers?

A: Yes, Chicago has several beer bars with an extensive selection of craft beers, such as HopLeaf, The Map Room, and Local Option.

Q: Do any brewpubs in Chicago offer brewery tours?

A: Yes, many brewpubs in Chicago offer brewery tours, including Lagunitas Brewing Company, Goose Island Brewpub, and Haymarket Brewery & Taproom.

Q: Are there any brewpubs in Chicago that serve food?

A: Absolutely! Some of the best brewpubs in Chicago, like Revolution Brewing and Piece Brewery and Pizzeria, also offer delicious food options.

Q: Can I find any gluten-free beer options in Chicago’s brewpubs?

A: Yes, several brewpubs in Chicago offer gluten-free beer options, such as Motor Row Brewing and Burnt City Brewing.

Q: Do any beer bars in Chicago host live music or entertainment?

A: Yes, many beer bars in Chicago host live music and entertainment events. Examples include Hopleaf and The Green Mill, which is renowned for its jazz performances.

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