Chicago Public Library

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The Chicago Public Library was established in 1872 and is one of the nation’s premier library systems. The library serves Chicagoans from its 79 neighborhood locations, providing rich collections of books, state of the art technology, and award-winning literary programs.

Chicago Public Library receives consistent leadership and advocacy from Mayor Richard M. Daley and the Chicago City Council. Working in partnership with the mayor, Chicago’s elected officials, and the library’s Board of Directors, the men and women of the Chicago Public Library have built and opened 52 new libraries since 1989.

A strong and vibrant Chicago Public Library reflects how the city values its people. With generous support from the City of Chicago and the philanthropic community through the Chicago Public Library Foundation, the library plays a pivotal role in supporting the education of Chicago's children and the reading enjoyment of adults, bridging the digital divide, and providing all Chicagoans with the resources to enable them to be successful and engaged residents of the city and the world.

YouMedia at the Harold Washington Library - 400 S. State Street